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welcome to my deftones website

about deftones

Deftones is a Sacramento based band
inititally grouped into the Nu Metal
genre that is best known for their
mastery of the dichotomy between soft,
somber and at times electronic moments
and a rough, attacking, metal sound.

The current band members are:

Chino Moreno (Vocalist, Guitarist)
Stephen Carpenter (Guitarist)
Abe Cunningham (Drummer)
Frank Delgado (Turntablist/Keyboardist)
Sergio Vega (Bassist).

Chi Cheng was the previous bassist of
Deftones, who passed away in 2013
(Rest in peace). That is who you see in
the home page on the top banner and
left image.

Deftones has 10 official studio albums,
a cover album, a B-sides album and an
"unfinished" album titled "Eros".

This website is not affiliated with Deftones, Maverick Records or Reprise Records.