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deftones albums

A list and short info on each of
Deftones' albums, in chronological order.

Adrenaline (1995)

Deftones' first studio album, released 7
years after they got together. In old
interviews from this era there were
frequent mentions of them being compared
to Korn and Rage Against the Machine,
I assume it's something to do with the
release date. This album I consider to
be the most disconnected from Deftones'

Link to a 1994 Adrenaline demo!

Around the Fur (1997)

Chino's favorite. Around the Fur
went where Adrenaline wanted to
go, and showed people a more melodic
side of the band. This did really
well in the U.K.? There were a
lot of Dutch television programs on
Deftones around that time.

Link to the Around the Fur EPK.

White pony (2000)

Released in 2000, re-released in 2001
with the single "Back to School (Mini
Maggit)" as the first track. As the
re-release wasn't a decision made by
Deftones but instead their record
label, I'm linking the original
version. Deftones' best selling album.
Objectively, White Pony is my favorite.

A great video on the album! ^_^

Deftones [Self Titled] (2003)

Often called Deftones' heaviest album.
I don't agree, but one of its strengths
is indeed its heavyness. This is
an album made during the
"dark days" of Deftones. Despite the
members were in such grim places,
and hardly putting in any passion to
the album, it still came out great.

A video from the album sessions!

Saturday Night Wrist (2006)

Recorded during the afformentioned
"dark days" as well. This is
probably one of the most
texturally diverse albums in
Deftones' discography.

This is a video about SNW's story

Diamond Eyes (2010)

An album I feel is pulsing with
optimisim, possibly due to hope
the band held onto for Chi's
recovery. Though outside of that
fact the themes of love,
connection and discovery are
still present. Before this,
the album "Eros" was being
worked on around 2008-2009.
It was dropped when Chi passed
away. Their long-time friend
Sergio Vega filled the role of bassist.

I recall Chino saying in a
podcast that this wasn't
exactly a planned album.
Deftones were making music
and before they knew it,
they had Diamond Eyes.

Interview with Abe and Chino

Koi No Yokan (2012)

My first.
I definitely think Koi No Yokan
sort of solidified the "modern
Deftones" sound, if there is
such a thing.

A 2012 interview with Chino and

Gore (2016)

Gore is definitely one of the most
memorable Deftones albums I have
listened to. Very solemn, yearning,

A fanmade video for Hearts/Wires.

Ohms (2020)

Deftones' latest album.
I adore it. Very dim, luscious
imagery presented through
the instrumental, and expanded
on further with Chino's unorthodox
lyrics. Since there has been a
recent spike in the popularity of
Around the Fur it's rare to see
people talk about it.

The music video for Ceremony.

Like Linus (1993)

Not an official album but rather
a collection of demos put
together by a fan (allegedly).
Strong difference in sound.

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