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What's this website about, what is this band, and who am I?

Hey there ( ^__^)/, you can call me V ;-) I'm a big Deftones fan and because I've wanted to learn to code for a while, I decided to challenge myself by making this website! This is mainly an archive of the older Deftones era as finding things of that time are much more fun to me. That is also the reason why you see a photo of Deftones in 1997 on the left. (So so sorry Frank and Sergio) (=o=);; Also, this site is best viewed on desktop! I have quite a small computer though, so it may look a little awkward on bigger screens. Sorry about that!!

This is what it's supposed to look like.

Long story short, Deftones is a Sacramento based band inititally grouped into the Nu Metal genre that is best known for their mastery of the dichotomy between soft, somber and at times electronic moments and a rough, attacking, metal sound. The current band members are: Chino Moreno (Vocalist, Guitarist), Stephen Carpenter (Guitarist), Abe Cunningham (Drummer), Frank Delgado (Turntablist/Keyboardist), and Sergio Vega (Bassist).

Who you see in the beginning of this website however, on that photo on the left, is Chino moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Abe cunningham and Chi Cheng (previous Deftones bassist, passed away in 2013. rest in peace).

There's a lot more I wanna say, but I'll leave it at this. Deftones has 10 official studio albums, a cover album, a B-sides album and an "incomplete" album which I assume will never be completed.

This website is not affiliated with Deftones or Maverick Records. Last updated August 2nd 2021.

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